The Soul Eater - The Rune of Life and Death
Representing the two inevitabilities, legends say the one who bears the rune will curse himself and those around him.

Corey Glover here. I'm a 23 year old Media Arts student at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario. I like making gifs about games, TV shows, movies and whatever else. Thanks for looking around!
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Stallion for the Suikoden 2 Collab. I forgot I was supposed to be doing this, and then my tablet broke at the last minutes, so that was fun…
it's been a year as of now. i wonder if you remembered.

I didn’t remember the exact date. Hope you are doing alright. 

Dont flatter yourself. If we're thinking of the same person then you're just full of yourself. She doesnt give two shits about you anymore now that the scars are fading

Alright, then I guess it’s someone else. Sorry. 

Ahh makes sense. Well it's not this ex. Hope it gets resolved good luck.

Which one is this?

Why do so many people seem to hate and or diss you on tumblr?

I think it’s my ex.

thats because u are a whore

What makes you think that?